Into the lifestream

Mun: Definitely in a better mood after watching that <3

Anyways, gonna head to bed and enjoy my day off from work. Do a few drafts when I can and yeah, stuff.

Anyways night all <3

//i hope so… and ‘holy crap’ what? my age? xD or the fact that i don’t have a license at that age? xD

Mun: Just your age hun. I thought you were around my age but your my sister’s age. But that’s still cool :3 Plus a licenses, meh, you can get one if you want but the test are hard.

//you do that. i don’t wanna lose you. *clings* …and i’m 23 and don’t even have a license xD

Mun: -holds- Trust me hun, you won’t lose me. I just made a stupid mistake and I learned from it. Dude…..your older then me by 2 years….holy crap!

//oh jeez, man, i’m glad you’re safe! *snuggles* be more careful next time you get to drive, will you?

Mun: -cuddles- I’ll definitely will be more careful, I promise you that.


Ugh…….the more I watch Joffrey, the more I want to send Masamune to sever his head off his body. Little damn mewling quim teme………

In other news, I ship Margerey’s grandmother and Tywin.

Plus the amount of sassness back in forth in this episode is astounding.

Plus Cercei is being a bitch as usual……..why didn’t I make her fem masa’s FC?


listening to a sad song that has a nice beat


good to see you, cloud.