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Mun: I have between 20-21 drafts lefts and I think I can do most of them by today and tomorrow. If not then I have friday. After friday, I won’t be able to rp till my next days off and when I don’t have the closing shifts.

Anyways, I’ll be on in the morning and stuff!

Night all <3

{-} I didn’t send this… who keeps sending these about -looks towards aris- {-}

Mun: I know you didn’t hun, I was just tagging you in it.And IDK on who sends these, could be aris or could be someone else.

Bad situation starters. Send “How’d we get in this mess?” and I’ll generate a number between 1-25


Mix of funny and angsty.

↳Can be either a thread starter or a drabble prompt. Specify.


*And please be careful to only send to actual roleplay blogs and not meme archives hosting the meme (such as inboxideas, the creator). Please do not remove this notice. Thank you and happy roleplaying!

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Send a “What a cutie” In my inbox for my muse to be a child that your muse has to take care of


either i

  • dont have enough followers to get hate

or i

  • am perfect and therefore yall dont have anything to complain about

Reblog if you’re bored and you want anons.


Or non anons, whatever lifts your skirt

Our characters are playing strip poker and they’re both down to their underwear. Send me “Royal Flush” to see how my character reacts when you character gets the winning hand!

when your muses are horny for absolutely no reason at all